Segment 3DPrint

Software solution for medical 3D printing
Complete software solution for medical 3D printing that leads from the DICOM image to the high quality 3D model ready for printing, without the need for additional software for further post-processing.

Medviso Segment 3DPrint is the support tool to personalize patient care. The 3D models will help you to better plan surgery and reduce operation time, which are key points for infection risk reduction and cost savings.

Segmentazione clinica e stampa 3D con Medviso 3DPrint

Soluzione software clinica completa per la stampa 3D
Il software di segmentazione clinica Medviso 3DPrint è intuitivo, facile da imparare e da usare. Offre piena libertà nella progettazione del modello e permette di risparmiare tempo nella creazione di modelli 3D della massima qualità. Il flusso di lavoro di segmentazione unico e facile da usare consente di eseguire la segmentazione di qualsiasi parte del corpo in pochi passaggi.

Simplify your workflow

Medviso Segment 3DPrint is an end-to-end software solution, covering all steps from importing medical images through the complete 3D modeling process to high quality stl output.

3D printing of realistic anatomical models for the in-depth study of pathologies

Advanced innovative materials that reproduce the appearance and texture of tissues and bones
3D printing realistic models of the human anatomy that reproduce bones and tissues with an unprecedented level of realism. Thanks to our Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy 3D printer, we could provide you with cardiac, vascular, bone models and more. These medical models are realistic both from the aesthetic and consistency point of view.
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